Disney Villains - Evil Queen Snow Globe 10
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Disney Villains - Evil Queen Snow Globe 10" Faux Leather Mini Backpack

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“The heart of a pig! The blundering fool! I’ll go myself to the dwarfs’ cottage in a disguise so complete no one will ever suspect.”

Introducing Loungefly’s Disney Villains Snow Globe series, starting with Snow White’s vain and cruel stepmother, the Evil Queen!

When the princess Snow White is declared fairest in the land by the all-seeing mirror, the jealous Queen Grimhilde orders the murder of her stepdaughter. The forest and its inhabitants become Snow White’s protectors when she flees, from woodland creatures of all kinds to seven little miners. When she is coaxed into the Sleeping Death by the Queen in disguise, it’s the Prince from a faraway kingdom who awakens her with love’s first kiss.

This shiny backpack is adorned with sequins, and its key feature is displayed as the front pocket shaped like a snow globe. Encased in transparent PVC as smoke rises around her, the wicked Queen as an old peddler woman dips an apple into the Sleeping Death brew. With a shake of the bag, more shimmering sequins cascade over her. This simple and stylish design with a unique flair is perfect for fans looking to keep Disney Villains close.

Product Features:

  • Enamel zipper charm
  • Faux leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Applique
  • Printed details

Set your accessory collection alight in villainous glory!

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