About Us

My Family & I have operated a home entertainment business for over 15 years, 3 years ago we saw an opportunity to evolve our business by branching out into collectables & gift ideas.
We began by simply offering a gift with purchase & we started to see some obvious synergies between our home entertainment offering & some great collectables. We also listened & continue to listen to our customers to ensure that we are up to date with latest collectables that people are looking for. In Early 2015 we realised that we had something special to offer & we launched FanBase Collectables. It is a store within a store concept in our Video Ezy business that has grown from coffee mugs & Beer steins to a large range of cool gift ideas, High end Hot Toy figurines & a very large range of Pop Vinyl's.
In 2019 we move into our new store located in Whitegum Valley Western Australia & we are humbled by how far customers travel to see what we have. We are very excited to have an online store & be able to show more people what we have & are able to supply them.
We believe that everyone has a Geek inside of all of us & we take great pleasure in helping people, weather it be completing a collection, trying to track down a unique item, getting a unique gift for someone special or just simply wanting something that they find cool.
Our goal is to continue to grow into a collectables store that is know for its amazing service,
great product range & willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.
So release your inner Geek with FanBase Collectables & be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest products & offers.
Mat & the Team.